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Project: Fabrika food hall will open in St. Petersburg this summer. Show how it will look

In St. Petersburg, on the former territory of the Bebel factory, the Fabrika food hall will open.
The space will include gastrobars, coworking...
In St. Petersburg, the Fabrika food hall will appear on the territory of the former Bebel leather factory.
It will include 10 different gastroconcepts, a bar, and in the neighboring building...
Soon a food hall will appear in St. Petersburg on the territory of the Bebel leather factory


"All to the Factory" - a public space launches a grant drawing for 1 million rubles!

The new public space "Fabrika" ...

Grant drawing

for 1,000,000 rubles!

About Us

The history of the leather quarter begins with the name of the Swiss entrepreneur Samuil Samuilovich Bekhli, who in December 1879 opened a small workshop with 12 employees.

Since 1881, the workshop has been manufacturing albums and business folders from high quality leather.

Albums covered with multi-colored leather, decorated with artistic embossing, with gold and silver slips on the covers were distinguished by special chic. The very ones that decorated the tables in the salons of secular ladies and awakened the imagination of poets and artists who dropped by to visit.

At the beginning of the XX century. the enterprise was called ‘The First Russian Album Factory of S. Bekhli’.
The activities of Samuil Bekhli were extremely successful, his things, which were of high quality, were in demand among the population.

Soon the Swiss received a license as a supplier to the court of His Imperial Majesty.

Now the history of the leather quarter continues in the Fabrika food hall, the concept of which clearly shows a bias towards the historical component of the complex, which is manifested in an abundance of industrial details.

But ‘Factory’ is not only about history. It is fashionable, noisy, loud, tasty and interesting here!


Roman Sverlov
Roman Sverlov - manager of the Factory project. Roman is responsible for selecting residents for the site, as well as for equipping and maintaining the public space.
Actor (graduated from the Yekaterinburg Theater Institute), laureate of the Golden Mask Award. fashion show producer, event director. over 15 years.

2 years lived in France (Paris, Lyon) produced the show

This is the idea of a full cycle, when in one place you can go to the store, listen to music, watch a movie, drink coffee, buy flowers, chat. We do not pursue profit, but strive to ensure that it is truly pleasant to be here.
art director, pr:
ginza project, alta marea, commode, crispy pizza, mussel personalities, barvita in the front door
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